New Beginnings.

As I write this post, I’m just reminiscing on the last time I actually blogged. I was probably 17 and I was blogging off tumblr in my “fake fashion blog.” I mostly just posted outfits of the day and I would reblog several images that looked “fashion” to me.  However, I just had a realization last night at around 12am, why don’t I have a fashion blog if I want to be in the fashion industry? And that is where it hit me, I started letting my life get in the way of achieving my dreams. So as of today, I’m starting brand new.

I’ll start by telling all my readers, if any, that my biggest beauty obsession right now is matte nail polish. I’m the kind of woman that likes to have my nails and toes done year round. There’s nothing that I hate more than ugly nails. I think it can make or break an outfit. So yesterday before I go into work, I run into Duane Reade and encounter the Wet n’ Wild Matte Top Coat for only $0.99! Such a steal. This is definitely something women who religiously do their nails should score, nail salons easily charge you an extra $5-$10 for just the matte coat

Hope this post has helped some of you! Tune back soon for more tips and tricks on fashion, beauty, and life.


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