Beachy City

Today I will be posting about two great finds of mine and my outfit for the day.

  • Shea Moisture Frizz-Free Mousse
  • NYX Bora Bora Bronzer

I’ll start by saying that Shea Moisture is an absolute blessing for my hair. My hair has been damaged and destroyed because of the flat iron and for the past couple months I’ve been trying to revive my curls. Shea Moisture made this task so much easier. It truly remoisturizes my hair and curls it to the utmost perfection, without making my curls crunchy. These products don’t include any sulfates (which are really damaging to your hair!) and give it a lot of life and volume.

image 2

I have never purchased anything from NYX but I’ve heard amazing things. Sooooooo, I decided to give it a try since I already needed a new bronzer now that my Elf Golden Bronzer cracked and got destroyed (wahhhh!) However, I was not dissapointed. It truly left my face glowy and golden without looking cakey or fake. If anything, it enhaced my tan. For $8.99, I got a true summer glow.


Now, for my outfit of the day…Its really hot outside and although I’m feeling under the weather today, I thought I’d make the effort to look the part.


securedownload (5) securedownload securedownload (1) securedownload (2) securedownload (3) securedownload (4) securedownload (6)


Shirt | Forever21

Purse | Brandy Melville USA

Shoes | Nine West

Jeans | Forever21


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